Showering Princess Madalynn <3


So my Mom put together a shower in honor of our soon-to-be baby girl Madalynn Autumn. It was thrown at my favorite restaurant here in Greensboro, Mimi’s Cafe. It was so perfect! I had so much fun and felt so loved! One of the most important things that I have learned during this journey of Motherhood is that having an awesome support system is extremely important. Thank God I am blessed enough to have an amazing support system behind myself and my blooming family. The Lord is good!

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 I was so happy to see my guest! So many of my amazingly supportive friends and family were there with smiling faces as I walked through the door. I was greeted warmly, everyone that was there wanted to be there to support me and I was happy!

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Madalynn was fortunate enough to receive a lot of the things that she needed and plenty of items that I really wanted for her. Going from having a boy to having a girl is a little bit of a challenge. I could tell you all day long how to dress a boy from Fall till Summer but being that I’ve never had the pleasure of building a wardrobe for a little girl I was a little clueless in certain areas in the beginning. Thankfully I have ones near and dear to me that have little girls and were more than happy to point me in the right direction with getting started with Madalynn’s attire.

IMG_4440 bsh2


I went back and fourth about whither or not I actually wanted a shower this go ’round. Immediately after we found out our little bundle was a girl we started to prepare for her. I figured I would need to replace just about everything. I’m a SAHM so I knew I would be on a budget and would have to hunt down deals so I didn’t waste any time, I got right on it! After searching out a few gently used items for my sweet girl people began throwing baby items our way. I’m not talking about things that probably should have been in the trash, these were NICE items! I was sooo happy! I couldn’t believe that some one whom I’d JUST met would just give away some of this stuff! Like really? You want to GIVE this to me? Yes please! TYJ!

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My sweet friend Tianna kept inquiring about my baby shower, I informed her that my Mom had offered to throw one for me but I wasn’t really sure if we should go through with it. I mean it was my second child, how many showers are you “allowed” to have? Lol! She pushed the envelope and basically told me that I WAS having a shower and that it didn’t matter what number child this was. She contacted my Mom and they started to plan. Another sweet friend of mine, Comfort, had also been talking to my Mom about a shower for me so they decided to do it. Looking back I’m really glad that I agreed to it! It was much needed! Being a SAHM is a sacrifice. More so on the behalf of the Mother, you go without so much just so your children can have what they need and can be treated from time to time with things that they want. This baby shower was a blessing to my family. Every item we received was one less item my husband would have to purchase for her. We’re blessed to have people in our lives that are willing to celebrate our unborn and shower her with love before ever meeting her.

Our Princess is set! There isn’t one thing she “needs” of course as her mother there are plenty of things I still want her to have, but I thank God I am able to say that her immediate needs are met. TGBTG! I would like to say thank you to My Mother! Mom you are such a rock in my life! I can always depend on your for support and correction! At 28yo I realized that I still need my Mother, to lead and guide me down this path called life. Thanks for always being there for me! I can not wait to experience that relationship with Madalynn! To Comfort and Tianna, thanks for always having my back! Duly note that I am forever in your corner! ❤

To those who ventured to my shower, traveling near and far, words can never express how grateful I was to see your smiling faces! Thank you for your gift and for you time! You could have been anywhere else doing anything else but you came to support myself and my family! Thank You! ❤

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Asking for Matthew's Kisses

Asking for Matthew’s Kisses

Being rejected! Boys! lol

Being rejected! Boys! lol

Auntie Baby! Nehemiah!

Auntie Baby! Nehemiah!

Sweet Moment Captured...hugs for Madalynn

Sweet Moment Captured…hugs for Madalynn

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Festive Shrimp Spring Rolls


spring roll 11

Who doesn’t love a really good egg roll or spring roll? I know I do! What I love better is being able to create my own versions with lots of different varieties right in my own kitchen! As a bonus these spring rolls are fresher and healthier than the versions you’ll find in most restaurants! Enjoy!

Prep Time: 30 mins

Cook Time: 15 mins

Total Time: 25 mins

Yields: about a dozen spring rolls


1 pkg. steamed deveined shrimp

1/2 TBSP fresh garlic

2 cups fresh spinach

2 cup red cabbage (shredded)

2 cups carrots (shredded)

1 cups mushrooms

1 pkg. spring/ egg roll wrappers (thawed if frozen)

1 Lg. egg

oil for frying

S&P to taste



1. Place cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, and spinach in a steamer. Add salt and pepper to taste and let steam for about 7 mins. After 7 mins check firmness of vegetables. If at desired firmness remove from steamer and add vegetables to wok along with garlic for 3 mins. Take off heat and sit it to the side to cool.

 Spring roll 1

2. Place egg roll wrapper on a clean surface and add shrimp.

Spring roll 2

3. Then add vegetables arranging them according to your personal preference. Leaving plenty of room to roll.

spring roll 3spring roll 4spring roll 5

4. Fold the right, bottom, and top sides of the wrapper over the filling. Lift up enclosed edge and roll.

spring roll 6spring roll 7spring roll 8

5. Beat egg in a small bowl with a fork to create an egg wash. Using a basting add egg wash to folded edges and seal.

spring roll 9


spring roll 10

6. To fry, place oil in a deep sided frying pan (about 1 inch deep) over medium heat. Oil will start to form snake like lines at the bottom of the pan, this is an indication the oil is heating up. To test add the end of one spring roll to the pan if it begins to sizzle and cook its ready. Cook for 1 minute on each side or until golden brown. Using tongs to remove from the oil onto parchment paper, paper towel, or clean dish towel to drain.

7. Serve HOT & Enjoy!!

spring roll 11